Do women dance the hakafot in your shul?
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Do women dance in your shul?
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Post Thu, Sep 23 2021, 11:42 pm
tp3 wrote:
It's not but mainly. Who is required to perform the actual hakofos? The men. Who danced way back in the bhmk? The men.
There is a Baal Shem Tov story about a malach from above going to each and every shul on the mornings after hakafos to collect the leftover soles of the men's shoes worn out from dancing, and bringing them up to Hashem as a most special gift. It was proof of Jewish nation's love for the Torah.
This story is told over and over throughout the generations to show how special it is to dance with all one's energy and strength, on simchas torah.

Women can also get a mitzva in whichever way we participate and celebrate but we don't need to copy the men's type of celebration in order to be involved.

If you really want to and your Rav says its ok- not my business.

I'm just explaining how it is where I am. Personally I feel much joy and pride watching my sons' dance and be honored with holding a Torah. That's enough excitement for me.

Miriam and the women dancing by the yam suf- I don't feel that's relevant until we are faced with another miracle on the level of splitting a sea.

It’s precedent from the Torah itself that women dancing can be a positive expression of joy and appropriate response. In light of that dancing on ST makes sense for women.
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