Baby refuses to nap
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Post Thu, Sep 23 2021, 9:46 am
amother [ Papayawhip ] wrote:
Whining? Or laughing in her crib?
Your baby needs two extra bottles during the day and she needs to be put to sleep at times where she will sleep.

Can you share what your feeding schedule looks like combined with the nap so I can try to recommend where you throw in another bottle?

Papayawhip, you rock!

Last night was torture. She was kvetchy all night, settled around 2:30 but kept waking up and crying my husband was burping her and rubbing her belly..

She slept in until 9 am today.

Usually She wakes up @7, she doesnt like taking a bottle right away so I give her time to orient herself, wake up, give her a bottle (she'll only drink about 4 oz in the am...) then I give her some breakfast. Then I try feeding her right before her nap, so she'll finish her first bottle. She naps for 2.5 hours and then I give her another bottle, and depending on her mood if she'll eat it or not

Then She plays, and goes down for her second nap and I try giving her a bottle before that.

Up until YT she was taking a small cat nap from 4-5 (around) and then got ready for bed at 8. and at 8 she stays down until about midnight.

but the past few days havent been like that Punch
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