Did you regret traveling in your third trimester?
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Would you go on an exotic vacation in your third trimester?
Go for it! It might be hard but worth it!  
 31%  [ 25 ]
No, what if you need medical care?  
 32%  [ 26 ]
No, why travel if you’ll be exhausted to begin with?  
 13%  [ 11 ]
No, I’d never fly so late in pregnancy  
 22%  [ 18 ]
Total Votes : 80



Post Sat, Oct 09 2021, 8:28 pm
I flew trans-Atlantic twice. Once at 35 weeks gave birth at 40, and the second time I was 35-36 weeks (one way there one way back) and gave birth at 38.
It was NOT fun. At all. In any way. But I didn’t have much choice for various reasons.

I’d say to go for it for you though. Cancun is not a far flight away at all, 7th month most dr will still let unless you are high risk and going with the baby is not the same. Take this opportunity.
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Post Sat, Oct 09 2021, 8:41 pm
I would say go for somewhere in the US.

Florida is an obvious choice here. Either Miami/ surfside or Hollywood if u want a bit less Jews or if you’ve gone to Miami a lot.

I have a friend who gave birth at the end of her 7th month in Puerto Rico (it’s in the us but still looked super primitive 😵‍💫). I would not risk Mexico, and I’d ask a Rav and my doctor if I were dumb enough to or had a Simcha or family going for yt and felt like I had to go.
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Post Sat, Oct 09 2021, 9:20 pm
amother [ Gray ] wrote:
If I were in America, I would consider flying to Israel, because for an uninsured person to give birth in an Israeli hospital, I think it costs roughly 800 shekels (very, very cheap). But if I were Israeli, I would need a very good reason to fly to the US while in my 3rd trimester, because I would not want to get stuck with a $40,000+ hospital bill 😐

Giving birth in a country with a different language would personally not deter me. I'm adventurous and could handle that. I'd want to go somewhere with good maternal care and cheap though.

How would your adventurous spirit help you if you or your baby C"V needed serious medical care, you need to make decisions or possibly advocate against their decisions, and the providers don't speak your language? Sincerely curious here.
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