What is wrong with my dd? she couldnt breathe but she doesnt

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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 1:56 am
I figured id post here in case anyone had the same or similar experience.

when my dd was arnd 1 yrs old we had to put her on albuterol with a nebulizer

for a few weeks and kept returning to the dr because her dr said her lungs were getting...so we had to keep using the nebulizer

but the dr said my dd doesnt have asthma even though she had to take the albuterol for a few weeks.

then my dd got older and when my dd was arnd 2 yrs old the issue disappeared"" and my dd didnt have to use the nebulizer anymore

however whats weird is that all of a sudden in jan 2020 wen my dd was arnd 4 yrs old she woke up and just couldnt breathe she was gasping for air so we called hatzalah and went to ER.

since that episode nothing happened until fri when my dd is 6

this past fri my dd is 6 and she couldnt breathe and we called hatzala again n went to ER .

but this just popped up now...she was negative for covidand the er wrote about her having mild asthma but last visit to her pcp...her pcp says she doesnt have asthma so im confused.

so im trying to figure out if anyone had this experience bec im trying to figure put what she has or when/what will trigger it.

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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 2:03 am
Take her to a pulmonologist. Sounds like Athsma.
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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 2:19 am
A have asthma but only while I have allergies, is that possibly what she has?
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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 3:15 am
Regarding when she was a baby: most pediatricians didn’t diagnose it as asthma until
Age 2. They might say, not yet asthma or an asthma type picture
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potato kugal


Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 5:40 am
Does it only happen while sleeping? It could be sleep apnea if yes.
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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 7:21 am
That’s so crazy.
I agree you should get her worked up by an allergist or pulmonologist
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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 7:44 am
of course it could be connected to allergies.
especially this time of year
take her to a good allergist.
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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 7:59 am
I had something similar with my son. From when he was an infant until around 4 years old…
As an infant dr suggested taking him off dairy formula. That helped significantly. Somehow the dairy created a mucus buildup. But we weren’t finished. Anytime he had any congestion (from a cold?) he had to be back on the nebulizer for a while. He would have a strange barking cough and was gasping for air. By 3 years old I was giving him regular milk and dairy products. Even though the dr tested him for a milk allergy and it was negative, I felt that he would sometimes get congested from the build up of dairy in his system. Maybe I was wrong? No one seemed to know why he had trouble breathing but it always cleared up after a while of using the nebulizer. Slowly the older he got the less we used the nebulizer. Now he’s 9 and I haven’t used the nebulizer for years. I was always told he doesn’t have an allergy and doesn’t have asthma so I’m not really sure why he needed to be on meds and steroids to help him breathe.
Whatever it is I hope your dd outgrows this. It’s very frustrating when doctors don’t know.
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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 8:19 am
I started having similar from age 19-21. Out of nowhere I would suddenly have trouble breathing and within a few minutes not be able to breathe at all.

First episode happened when I was a camp staff member a few minutes walk from my Dr. I felt a little difficultly breathing and notified a head staff member that I’m going to the Dr. By the time I buzzed the Drs office door I could not talk or breath. I was starting to feel dizzy. I took a paper and pen from the nurses desk and wrote I can’t breath. They quickly cleared out a room and opened a nebulIzer to give me treatment. They tried calling my parents but it was before everyone had cellphones and my parents were out of town at my grandpas hospital bed as Drs said he wouldn’t make it past the next few days. I was watching the little kids. BH the treatment worked within a few minutes.

After having a few more such incidents over the next 3 months I was sent to an allergist who claimed it may be due to environmental allergies. A pulmonologist did not find anything. After 2 years it BH stopped.
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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 8:23 am
Take her to allergist/immunologist and pulmonologist.
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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 9:05 am
Do you have mold anywhere in the house?
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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 9:25 am
amother [ Seashell ] wrote:
Do you have mold anywhere in the house?

Check for mold, mildew and a lot of dust.

Look at the walls of the shower/bath, shower curtains, bathroom ceiling, inside ac and around it...
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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 10:49 pm
thank you to everyone who replied

yes, so the next step is to take her to a pulmonologist

and, yes, I think it is something about the cold or when she gets congested that this happens but its not often and so inconsistent that it cant be mold or dust bec dust is in my house year round

I see some posters had a similar experience with their children as well.

I really appreciate that you all replied.

Thank you.
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