Should I tell on him
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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 6:48 pm
Maybe I don’t understand all the circumstances, but I don’t think you should ask someone who just gave you 100k for 15k more. It seems in bad taste to me. Sorry for your struggles.
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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 7:20 pm
OP I’m still confused about a few things

Why didn’t you get any insurance money for the fire or the flood?

You said the contractor didn’t use a plumber but then you said you spoke to the contractors plumber.. is the person you spoke to a licensed plumber? Is he an employee of the contractor as opposed to his own business that the contractor hired? If you have his information you can use that to prove that the contractor used him instead of a licensed plumber.

If he didn’t use a licensed plumber then legally he could get into a lot of trouble along with his handyman (if that’s the case) and he would be responsible for any damages just because of that. I would go to him and let him know that if he doesn’t accept responsibility you will be forced to take him to court (or bes din)

Also agree with other posters, that if you do end up borrowing the money to handle the repairs you should NOT go back to the man who helped you
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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 8:49 pm
I wanted to go to the rich guy to force the contractor to fix it for free because the contractor is afraid of the rich guy but not of us.
The contractor has a plumber that he uses idk why for us he didn’t use this plumber he used a Mexican
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