Having time to cook for Shabbos and work?
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Post Sun, Oct 10 2021, 10:55 pm
Chicken soup- I have a huuuge 25 qt pot and make soup for 4-6 weeks at a time.
Chicken- I buy a lot on a day off and prepare them in pans and freeze. Then I just have to pull out a pan and put whatever sauce or seasonings.
Kneidels- make in big batches for 4-6 weeks at a time
Challah- bake earlier in week for 2-3 weeks at a time
Salad dressings prepared in advance

What I do each week:
Fish- super easy, put in loaf pan and bake
potato kugel- the single most time consuming one, sometimes I double and freeze for the following week
Roasted vegetables
Easy dip
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Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 2:12 pm
amother [ Stoneblue ] wrote:
Honestly, I'm a serious believer in the concept of a ten minute shabbos prep. Thursday night or Friday morning, my husband does the shopping. Friday afternoon, I throw together matzo balls and soup, put a gefilte fish up, make some garlic spaghetti (or something equally as easy like yellow rice), prep chicken cutlets for frying. My husband then swaps with me and fries the schnitzel, puts up a chulent (we add in eggs for shabbos day egg salad and half of a potato kugel from the store). Keep the other half of potato kugel for Friday night. So our meal is usually soup Friday night, store bought challah, rice/pasta side, schnitzel, kugel and store bought desert. Shabbos day is deli, chulent, potato kugel, egg salad, gefilte fish, and a meat salad. Done. It's honestly not hard to do and no one feels deprived.

This sounds great and so stress free, but do you not strain your chicken soup or skim the fat, and cut up the veggies, etc.? I find that chicken soup takes a lot of time to get to the stage where it is ready to be served. How do you do that on Friday afternoon? Also, how do have time to clean up from the shnitzel frying and the rest of the cooking pots & pans so close to Shabbos?

I work full time and here is how I do it, but I am up very late Thursday night since I don't like Friday stress:
Challah, soup and homemade kishka are made on Sundays only. Enough for about 3 weeks at a time. We rarely buy any prepared foods.
I do the shopping after work on Wednesday.
Thursday is always milchigs for supper (I have a large kitchen with separate sides) so I can cook for Shabbos at the same time. All kugels, baking, dips, cooked veggie sides, etc. get done Thursday night. My husband makes the cholent and we put the crock pot insert in the fridge until Friday morning. My kids help cook as well (girls and boys!). I never had the time for potato kugel, but my teens like to eat it so now they make it. Before they were old enough, we survived without potato kugel. Friday night main is baked chicken which is prepared in the pan with marinade Thursday night, so it just has to get put in the oven an hour before Shabbos. Desserts are often doubled so that we can put one in the freezer and take one out from a different week, and that's how we have two desserts every Shabbos. Parve ice cream is an easy extra if we are having company.
The table is set Thursday night and I don't go to bed until the kitchen is clean.
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