How much do you pay in tuition, camp, and babysitting?
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How much do you pay for tuition, camp + babysitting annually?
 21%  [ 20 ]
 16%  [ 15 ]
 18%  [ 17 ]
 13%  [ 13 ]
 7%  [ 7 ]
 9%  [ 9 ]
 5%  [ 5 ]
 3%  [ 3 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
 4%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 93



Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 9:28 am
Bergen county, MO around 80K total
65k in tuition, 2 elementary, 1 high school
Camp is around 15k,
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Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 9:34 am
cuties' mom wrote:
My autistic kid's school recently lowered their tuition from 128,000 to $80,000. As I have a yeshiva kid too, my tuition is in the highest range on your poll.

Do you pay for it , or do you get reimbursement from the DOE?
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Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 9:38 am
When it comes to these things, I'm glad to be chassidish. Very Happy
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Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 11:53 am
OOT MO, 4 kids

$18K/yr for full time year-round daycare for baby
$12K/yr for tuition for two elementary kids
$11K/yr for tuition and aftercare for preschooler
$6K/year for three older kids for summer camp with before and aftercare

So $47K per year total. And that's not counting money spent on various activities and lessons/tutoring outside school. And it doesn't count a substantial annual donation to the school on top of tuition.

To clarify the tuition amounts: our kids are enrolled in a more right wing school, not an MO school. Full tuition is about $11K and vouchers reduce it to about $6K.
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Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 12:25 pm
4 kids in school in NY @ 21k for the year. I am paying around 45% of full tuition.

DayCamp was 5600 for three kids. Dh worked in the day camp that my older son went to so he was free.

total 26600.
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cuties' mom


Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 12:30 pm
cnc wrote:
Do you pay for it , or do you get reimbursement from the DOE?

I pay it and sue the DOE for reimbursement. They're very behind. I got reimbursed for the 2019-2020 school year this past June. They didn't even assign a hearing officer yet for the 2020-2021 school year.
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Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 12:53 pm
Tuition for 3 kids is a bit more than $33,000
Camp is probably another $3500ish.
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Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 1:04 pm

4 elementary school kids $22000
1 playgroup/babysitter $4000

(numbers are approximate)
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Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 3:20 pm
I have BH four kids and pay about $65k in tuition (3 somewhat out of town day school kids and 1 in college). Another $3-4k for camp. I'm really surprised that I'm in one of the highest brackets, given that I don't send to super-expensive schools and have a smaller family than many. Wondering what I'm doing wrong here!
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Post Wed, Oct 13 2021, 3:26 pm
amother [ Heather ] wrote:

4 elementary school kids $22000
1 playgroup/babysitter $4000

(numbers are approximate)

That includes camp?
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