S/o Are you part of the 'scotch coat' club?
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Post Sun, Oct 17 2021, 8:17 am
amother [ Crystal ] wrote:
ok this got me laughing!!!
You cant afford whatever this "scotch coat " is and you have the "chutzpa" and then you complain that moncler is a knockoff (gasp) wow, b/c its not expensive enough so that means its not war/nice enough.

You know Ali doesn’t sell actual moncler coats right? Ok this got me laughing.
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Post Sun, Oct 17 2021, 8:24 am
Around 7-8 years ago I started a thread regarding how in debt we were and how I wished I had money for certain simple things… like getting my daughter a haircut, fixing our broken car that only started with a boost, paying our water bill so I water wouldn’t get shut off again…
Our situation was bad. At the time my kids were very young and didn’t care much how they were dressed. Any normal looking coat that kept them warm in the winter was fine for us.
Now my children are older. No one specifically asked for a scotch brand coat but my daughters are at the stage where they care about fashion and want to fit in.
Our financial situation had bH changed a lot and we are able to afford what we need. I still don’t spend on brand names when I can get something similar for much less.
Recently a woman who owns a Children’s clothing store who is a family friend met me walking with my sister in the street and told us that she wanted us to come into her store so she can gift us with some clothing for our kids for the winter season. Personally I had already bought some of their clothing at totini and other similar places but one teen daughter only had one shabbos outfit and wanted another one and one daughter was in need of a winter coat. When we got home I saw the other thread about scotch coats and checked the label of the coat I was just gifted. It’s a scotch!
So even though a few years ago my house was in foreclosure and my utilities were getting shut off, my daughter will be wearing a scotch coat this winter!
You never know why/how a person has a super expensive item of clothing…
Life is full of surprises-
I didn’t even realize that I took a name brand coat off the rack. We were just looking for something that looked nice on my daughter.
Op, I visit my mother a few times a year in kgh. I’d be happy to pass the coat on to you when we’re done with it. It’s a size 12. If you have a daughter who will be wearing that size in a year or 2, let me know.
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