Son Refuses to go to Cheder
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Post Tue, Oct 19 2021, 2:45 pm
keym wrote:
Hatzlocha OP.
If I may.
I don't know your situation, logistics, feasibility.
But personally, I don't think I would push going on the bus before I encourage staying in school the whole day.
Personally, I think the bus both exhausts them and also can push them to their social limit much faster.
I personally would push for a longer and longer day until full, and only then push for the bus, so my son wouldn't burn out- go on the bus but insisting on coming home by 11:30 as opposed to being driven and can handle until 1:30.
But then, like I said, that's me, my kids, my work schedule and the fact that I drive.
I don't know your situation.
I really appreciate this extra tip. It makes a lot of sense. I think I'll see what I need to negotiate in the morning. Either go with the bus and be picked up early. (he's on the bus for about 5 minutes in the morning) Or, if he wants, I can take him later and then have him go home with the bus. (which is more difficult for my schedule)
Thanks again
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