Van to school broken seatbelts

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Post Thu, Oct 21 2021, 2:22 pm
Can someone tell me if I’m overreacting and if not, what she’s other then contacting the administration and parents should I take?

My 7 year old goes to school it’s a 25 minute drive and we pay for her to take a van that is run by the school. The van is old (early 90s) step to get on is broken and most of the seatbelts are not functioning. We live in a major driving city with a lot of traffic however the bus takes only back roads not highways.

I’m concerned with
A)it doesn’t seems safe to have my child on a 12 passenger van that has mostly broken seatbelts since I can only buckle her in the morning and in the afternoon she has to. She complains all the other kids don’t buckle and that she’d have to share a seat belt to be buckled

B)technically in our state she needs a booster, but obviously without a parents supervision (the van driver already thinks I’m a looney and I don’t trust him to buckler her correctly since he thought just a shoulder belt is fine, nor do I want a man touching my child) so a booster is not possible in this situation because it would be more dangerous then useful due to the condition of the seat belts

Please advise on what next steps I should take. Thank you
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Post Thu, Oct 21 2021, 2:28 pm
You can try to raise a whole stink to get them to at least fix the seatbelts. Or you can drive her yourself.

If you pay extra for the van service, maybe spend that money on a safer option instead.
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