Help figure out swim clothes please.

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Post Mon, Oct 25 2021, 11:05 am
I am trying to figure out if I want to arrive at a beach/pool in regular clothing that I can walk in street with (and also go home that way)but don't want to have to go into the bathroom and do a full change of clothing before swimming what I can do. Is there a suggestion? Keeping in mind I want to be as tznius/covered as possible while actually swimming especially because in front of my children.

Is there swim shorts I can wear under my clothing so that I can just take off my skirt and swim in those shorts? What about on top. Is there a shirt that I can wear under regular shirt that will hold my shape on top and I can swim in. Then after I swim and dry myself off, should I put my skirt on top of those swim shorts to be able to change underneath. I guess I could put my clothing on top of shirt and wiggle my swim shirt off from underneath as well.

I know it's technical for some reason can't figure out. And also need suggestions for actual specific pieces/brands/links of swimwear that would work for my needs. It would need to be a plus size.

I just find it very cumbersome and unsanitary to change in beach, public bathrooms. Often they are dirty, slippery, etc.
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Post Mon, Oct 25 2021, 11:16 am
I love the hydro chic collections.
I would just wear it the whole time.
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