Naming after Grandfather with bad Middot?
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Post Wed, Oct 27 2021, 6:45 pm
amother [ Mayflower ] wrote:
Hugs. I named my son after a possible pedophile. I call him by the Yiddish version of the name. He’s the sweetest boy. So much tougher when the one being named after is still alive though.
Then again don’t sefardim only use names from tanach? That means whatever name it is it can be traced back to a tzaddik. Have in mind that you’re naming after the original bearer of the name, or another gadol who had that name.

Lol. Who said sephardim only use tanach names? What type of sephardi have you heard this about. Definitely not true about any sephardi community that I know.

PSA: all sephradic communities have different minhagim, based on the country on origin. OP is married into a family where they name for the living, but that is NOT a universal sephadic custom.
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Post Wed, Oct 27 2021, 7:58 pm
If my understanding of your community is correct, not naming after your FIL is only an option if you are willing to cause huge rifts in the family.

So that being said I would probably have in mind two things

1) Have in mind the original bearer of the name (like Moshe Rabeinu or Eliyahu HaNavi) and/or the meaning of the name (like Baruch should be a blessing to you, Menachem should be a comfort, etc.)

2) Have in mind the mitzvah youre doing of kibud av, following your communities minhagim , and naming after ancestors going back hundreds of years if not more.

I don't have the same situation, but I have relatives with not good middos to theoretically name after, and I've always had in mind that the not good middos Yehuda (for example) was named after his grandfather, and the name goes back and back, and certainly most of those people were at least decent.

Wishing you clarity and an easy rest of your pregnancy and delivery!
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