Book on puberty "The care and keeping of you"

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Post Sun, Nov 07 2021, 10:30 pm
I saw this book recommended a lot and read reviews on Amazon. It seems like they put a lot of emphasis on how one may be ashamed of their bodies. My 9 year old is showing some breast buds and I wanted to read the book together with her but I don't want to instill any negative body feeling where the are none. Should I rip out those pages? Read a dif book? Wonder of becoming you is good too but not so light heated, is it? Any other recommendations?
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Post Mon, Nov 08 2021, 12:18 am
I'm not sure what that means - I guess because it tells girls not to be ashamed of their bodies, that suggests that shame was an option? Seems like overthinking; I think girls naturally feel awkward and need to hear that all body types are fine. Why don't you read the book first to see how you feel about it. I felt comfortable giving it to my girls.

Wonder of Becoming You has an old feel, I thought it was a nice book but kids these days are not as easy to draw in, whereas the American Girl book is all colorful and cutesy.
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Post Mon, Nov 08 2021, 12:36 am
There’s a new frum book out there that I like.
It’s a mother writing letters and her daughter writes back
I forgot the name.

But I have heard about the body image issues with the American girl book and that’s why I stayed away
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