Why my baked fish came out fishy. Wwyd

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Post Mon, Nov 08 2021, 7:14 pm
I made Moroccan fish white sauce. Why does the fish taste fish. Wwyd
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Post Mon, Nov 08 2021, 7:15 pm
Makes a huge difference how fresh the fish is (on the stores end). I only got fish from one place for this reason.
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Post Mon, Nov 08 2021, 7:15 pm
What kind of fish?
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Post Mon, Nov 08 2021, 7:15 pm
Next time try using chicken. I guarantee you it won't taste like fish. Wink
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Post Mon, Nov 08 2021, 7:52 pm
What type of white sauce is Moroccan?
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Post Mon, Nov 08 2021, 8:15 pm
There are two possible explanations.

The fish could be of a variety that had a taste you didn’t like. Some fishes have a milder taste like sole and others have a stronger taste.

Or the fish was not of good quality and was not fresh. Even stronger flavored fish have a delicate odor like the ocean and not what most people call a fishy smell.
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Post Mon, Nov 08 2021, 8:17 pm
sprinkle with lemon juice or squeeze a lemon over it. It takes away the fishy taste
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