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Post Wed, Nov 17 2021, 8:18 pm
I have a wig that I put away a while ago when I got something new. I just took this one back out, as I'd like to have a few options of what to put on each day. I just noticed that this wig's skin part is hard to actually see. The hair is very light brown, so part of might be a color issue--it's not like a super dark wig where the skin part is so much lighter than the hair and therefore very obvious. On my own head, I'm not sure you'd really see my part that clearly for the same reason! The hair coming from it is sewn in really tightly. In some ways I think that's good--no balding--but I wonder if it looks unnatural. Everything else about the wig is great, and I wore it and felt good in it for about 18 months before I took a break from it. Now I'm just kind of second guessing myself.
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