Chanukah Segulos for women from the Kedushas Levi

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Post Sun, Nov 28 2021, 9:50 am

The Kedushas Levi - Rabbi Levi Yitzchak m'Berditchev zt"l, says that if you are planning to start something new, start it on Chanukah and it will be blessed, be"H
From the Kedushas Levi zt"l:

Each night of Chanukah is an auspicious time to daven for different things:

First night - Not to be lonely or depressed

2nd night - Shidduchim and Shalom Bayis (marital peace)

3rd night - Good, happy, and healthy children
The Chasam Sofer zt'l says: when you cry in front of the Chanukah candles you can be
sure your tefillos are answered

4th night - ארבע אמהות
To be a healthy and wholesome woman or mother in the four walls of your home

5th night - חמשה חומשי תורה
Daven that your husband and children should be Talmidei Chachomim.
By the fifth night more of the Menorah is lit than not. Pray for more light in your life, for

6th night - שמחה
You can have everything and still be sad, therefore daven for joy and happiness

7th night - Happy and Peaceful Shabbos - Zemiros, Divrei Torah by your seudah (Shabbos meal)
Shabbos is the source of all Brocho

8th night - auspicious time to daven for barren women. Eight is above nature. It is a powerful day to

A healthy, freilechen and lechtige Chanukah to all Smile
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Post Sun, Nov 28 2021, 9:54 am
Thank you for sharing this.
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Post Sun, Nov 28 2021, 11:53 am
Thanks so much for sharing!!!
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