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Post Mon, Nov 29 2021, 12:30 pm
Hi. Someone mentioned to me that this school may be a option for our daughter for next year (going into Primary). I never heard of this school before nor do I know anything about it other than it's name and the it may be in the 3rd year.

Can anyone enlighten me with some information?

Who is the owner and principal?
Where is it located?
What are the parents like- Yeshivish/with it?
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Post Mon, Nov 29 2021, 8:45 pm
The owner is Rabbi Geletner from Tallymawr and the principal is Mrs. Rivky Cohen. You can see their ad in the voice or BP from a few weeks back. As of now it's on the corner of Chestnut and New Hampshire but they will probably move next year or the year after as the building is tiny. It's next to the fire station in the same lot as Imagination and Ohr Hachinuch and a boys Mesivta. As far as I know, the parents aren't specifically with it and are not Yeshivish. From what I've heard, the other parents applied to Nachlas, Meoros, Neemas etc and have boys in Ohr Yehuda, Tashbar etc.
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