ISO info and phone # for Camp Ohr Shraga

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Post Tue, Nov 30 2021, 10:44 am
ISO contact info for Camp Ohr Shraga - the number listed on google is not in service.
Also looking for info - what type of boys go there? My son's 8th grade rebbi recommended this camp as a good learning camp.
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Post Wed, Dec 01 2021, 9:35 pm
I don't think they take 8th graders, not even as day campers.

It's a serious learning camp. It's basically yeshiva, moved to the mountains. first seder, leagues, and more seder. I get the impression from my friends that there is not much in the way of supervision-- it's basically for mesivta bochurim who are interested in spending the summer learning, and don't need much oversight.

If you have an 8th grader who is looking for a serious learning camp, I know that Agudah Masmidim has a "mechina" division for boys coming out of 8th grade.
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Post Wed, Dec 01 2021, 9:52 pm
My boys went there. They did not start going until 10 th grade. They went there first have and to Agudah second half. It's a real learning camp. No set activities or night activity. During the bein hasedarim in the afternoon boys choose what they want to do, ie swimming or they get together for a ball game.
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