Wall oven - double - convection or not?

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Post Wed, Dec 01 2021, 10:55 pm
Putting in a new double electric wall oven. I’ve never had convection, but the saleswoman told me it cooks the food better. Is it worth the extra cost?
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Post Wed, Dec 01 2021, 10:57 pm
I have a double wall oven that has an option for convection but I’ve never tried it, I just always use regular bake. I wonder what I’m missing....
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Post Wed, Dec 01 2021, 10:58 pm
Supposedly cooks anything uncovered faster, crisps it better
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Post Wed, Dec 01 2021, 11:06 pm
Convection is better but you should verify whether it is true convection. True convection ovens have a third heating element and the *fake* ones simulate convection cooking with only two heating elements plus the fan.

Some people who cook a lot get a steam oven as the second oven as it is superb for cooking certain things.

Another option for the second oven is an Advantium speed oven which is especially good if you prepare crispy items and want to get food for your children on the table quickly.
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Post Thu, Dec 02 2021, 1:13 am
I didn't know they still made electric ovens without convection.
Here (Israel) it's difficult to find one that is not convection. It's pretty standard.
I think it's worth the added cost. I bake/roast on convection all the time. It's my default.
The only thing I use the regular bake setting for are certain cakes that I've found come out better without the fan.
About the 'fake' convection cycle that Amarante mentioned - my older (20 years old) dairy oven has that cycle in addition to true convection in which the circular element at the back of the oven heats up.
It's called 'fan bake' because the fan assists the upper and lower elements.
I absolutely love this setting TBH - not for cakes but for roasting vegetables/frozen french fries and for baking salmon. It gets the food beautifully brown and crisp and in a minimum of time.
My much newer convection oven that I use for meat does not have this specific cycle that combines both upper and lower elements + the fan but w/o the circular element and I actually miss it.
My point is that if the price differential between the regular and convection ovens is too high for you then this 'fake' convection is also nice to have.
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