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Post Thu, Dec 02 2021, 5:31 am
Tonight is the Shloshim for my son Menachem Mendel ben יבלחט"א Dovid.

Every year Menachem Mendel would prepare menorahs in advance to be given out on Chanukah.

He would go out of his way to find Jewish people, who might otherwise not have the opportunity, to share the beautiful Mitzva of lighting the Chanukah Menorah with.

Even though they were physical, these Menorahs were not really physical things

It was a gift
A gift of love
A gift of connection with Hashem
A gift of connection with a fellow

And this is really his gift for the world
This year, you can give him this gift.

You can give out Menorahs to people, and encourage them to please light in Menachem Mendel's Zechus.
Even one Menorah is a very special gift.

When you go out with your family you can take along a menorah or two and give your children the gift of giving something meaningful to another Jew.

In addition, you can light the Menorah in your home in Menachem Mendel's zechus.

Will you go out of your comfort zone and give this gift to Menachem Mendel?
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Post Thu, Dec 02 2021, 10:02 am
I am so sorry for your tragic loss. There are no words..

HaMakon yenachem echem...

May the zchusim of his outreach have flung, long lasting affects.
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Post Thu, Dec 02 2021, 12:29 pm
We made a WhatsApp for people to share what they are doing to spread the light of “Menachem Mendel’s Menorahs”

Took out link to WhatsApp due to inappropriate posts by random people who joined

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Post Sun, Dec 05 2021, 7:58 am
Tonight will be the 8th night of Chanukah. Zos Chanukah.

This is an opportune time to share the light of Chanukah. In merit of my son Menachem Mendel ben יבלחט״א Dovid.

This is a mitzva that he started, but he can’t do this anymore. It’s up to us to do it for him. This is a way to give him a gift. A gift where we expect nothing in return.
A gift that we know he appreciates, but we can’t see his appreciation.

My mother, Leah Miriam bas Yaakov Yosef a”h would make a Chanukah gathering every year for the neighbors with food and music and good feelings. The highlight of course was the lighting of the menorah.

You can invite one or more neighbors or friends and light the menorah together.

You can encourage another Jew to light the menorah.

If a person does not have a menorah, the mitzva can be done with any candles set in a row. (Tea lights are ideal for this).
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Post Sun, Dec 05 2021, 2:48 pm
It would mean a lot to us if you send descriptions or pictures of what you’ve done to share in this priceless gift for my son Menachem Mendel and share the light of Chanukah

Please feel free to post on this thread
Or private message me
Or join the WhatsApp group above
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Post Mon, Dec 06 2021, 2:07 pm
I am on the way to the Ohel to daven as it is an Eis Ratzon today on Zos Chanuka . I will
say a kapittel Tehillim in honor of your precious child. Is there a particular one that you would like me to say ie his age as per the Rebbes suggestion?
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Post Mon, Dec 06 2021, 2:31 pm
Thank you so much
This means so much
His kapitel for age is כ״א
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Post Mon, Dec 06 2021, 2:37 pm
It’s the very least I could do . May you and your family have a Nechama and soon be reunited with your sweet shefeleh in Yerushalayim Habinuyah !
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