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Post Fri, Dec 03 2021, 10:57 am
So it is already famous when losing something and you want to find it, saying the pasuk and giving tzedaka to Rabbi Meir Baas Haneis.
I wanted to publicize 3 recent finding missing stories.
Story #1
A couple of weeks ago, I put on my diamond earrings (maybe close to 3000) on Shabbos morning. One hour later, I looked in the mirror and one earring was gone. I knew it was in my house somewhere. Anyway, the search began in the kitchen, bedroom where I got dressed, etc. I could not find it. I knew it was somewhere. When taking out the garbage, I didnt want to go through it, then et guilty that I didn't became it was no where I checked. I told the cleaning lady the following day that I need her help to find it. I told a few people, and one said did you say the passuk and give tzedaka. So I said it again and went to put money in the pushka. About 3 weeks after it was gone, my cleaning lady sent me a picture of the found earring BH. I could not believe it!! When she was mopping, the mop went under the pesach closet in the kitchen which I rarely open and the earring came flying out.

Story #2
My daughter was making lots of draidel cookies for a school project. She got dirty and went to change after making about 50 cookies. She still needed to make more. When she came back down, the cookie cutter was no where to be found. She went up and down and searching the kitchen and everywhere. I went out for about an hour and came home and it still wasnt found. I asked my daughter to say the passuk amar rabbi binyamin and put even just 1 dollar in the pushka. I walked back to the area where she was making the cookies. Picked up the parchment paper that was on a chair and the cookie cutter was beneath it.
Hashem helped us find it both times and the hasgacha is unbelievable.
Story #3
My son missed the bus because one shoe dissappeared. We searched everywhere. I saw it the night before. Anyhow, it seems my toddler dragged a large blanket and the shoe got caught inside. Someone picked up the blanket and it went into the crib. Hashem helped once again
Looking for hashgacha pratis is so amazing!
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