Did you order appliances recently? Have a few ?
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Post Mon, Dec 20 2021, 8:08 am
I want to add the manufacturer warranty is what you want. Some manufacturers offer better service than others with GE offering the best, per Town.

Your appliances come with a 1 year warranty and you have 10 months to purchase the extended 5 year warranty.

You do have to wait for a tech. Thats where the store you brough the product come in to play. Go back to them. Town has their own repair people, who can use the warranty to come fix it. They can be faster than manufacturer tech and they take care of their visit being covered by the warranty so you dont pay.
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Post Mon, Dec 20 2021, 8:19 am
I bought a whole set of kitchen appliances but it was prior to the pandemic so there were no supply chain issues which I would think impact consumer bargaining power.

I did a few visits to appliance stores so that I could see the ones I was considering in person and then made my choices.

I had four stores which I was considering and asked them for pricing for all of the items. Don't forget to include delivery and installation as many stores charge extra for both delivery and installation so that is a factor.

I then totaled it up on a spreadsheet as each store had different prices for the same appliance so I just focused on the total.

By telling them that you are set to buy ALL your appliances from them, they will give you the best price.

I wound up buying my appliances from a major chain because the overall cost was so much lower factoring in everything. When my friend replaced her washing machines she went with a local store which wasn't the cheapest but which has excellent customer service and so she was willing to pay the extra $200 or so - they have their own repair people.

I didn't bother to get the extended warranty because it is a huge source of profit for the companies that sell them and they are often a hassle to get satisfactory service. My appliances have been installed for more than three years without needing a repair so economically it would have made no sense anyway. Extended warranties are just a form of insurance and why should I pay money to insure myself against a possible service call for $200 or $300 - if that. You don't insure against small amounts of money.

Conservation efforts have no impact on the quality or longevity of appliances - just another myth perpetuated by people. What might have impact are that people purchase sophisticated appliances that have more things that can go wrong like ice lines. Buy yourself a bare bones refrigerator with a top freezer and no gadgets and it will last forever. And buy appliances that are well reviewed like Bosch for dishwashers which last forever with no problems.
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