You cannot give yourself a headstart on a diet!
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andrea levy


Post Tue, Jan 04 2022, 1:12 am
amother [ Lightgreen ] wrote:
Andrea, what do you think of VB6? I just started the book (although Dirty Lazy Keto is working pretty well for me)

I looked it up. I actually think it’s pretty meaningless for the most part and no different than any other way of eating aside from low carb high fat ( vegan or not.)

For me, that’s way too much carb. Looking at it another way, my typical day is pretty much vegan until my first meal usually later in the day. I do put some heavy cream in my coffee and also, I eat chia ( these days in earl gray tea) in the am.

Dinner 🥘 s typically my first full meal and I eat what appeals to me usually animal and vegetables. I don’t eat much fruit, mostly on Shabbat and in Very limited quantities.

Here’s what I think is good- this goes for every way of eating:

Eating real food in as close to its natural f orm as possible. Obviously meat, eggs and fish are self explanatory. They don’t need to be processed to taste good. Vegetables can easily be prepared with a minimum of processing most of the time and I do t think the odd cauliflower purée will kill anyone. Dairy is often simple ingredients: heavy cream, sour cream and cheese especially in the chalkboard yisrael world are few ingredients, all pronounceable.

If you must eat wheat, eat whole wheat berries. If you must eat corn eat it on the Cobb. If you must eat fruit, eat it while and raw, not in a smoothie. Even weight watchers charges points for puréed fruit because they know that fruit purée is basically sugar.

I’m not nuts about ‘eat whatever you want as that got me into a lot of trouble over the years, as did eating ‘natural sugars ’ like honey and maple syrup and even non nutritive sweetener. I’m of the opinion that all these things get you fatty liver disease much faster than you’d get it otherwise. Even fruit. There’s chemistry involved there with fructose.

I am a fan of eat to satiety, eat unprocessed and don’t eat sugar in all sixty of its forms. I don’t like beans and I don’t eat good I don’t like. They’re also very carby. But that’s personal. If you’re a vegan keto person, eat beans, just eat them boiled or in tofu ( tofu is somewhat processed but also fermented and the ingredients are minimal.) for like nuts but have a hard time controlling myself with them.

I like to say we eat ingredients in our house. We don’t eat it if it needs a nutrition label with the few exceptions of dairy products and evoo and avocado oil, hardly anything we buy comes in a package or a can. Single ingredient products like Frozen veg are still ingredients.
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