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Post Mon, Jan 03 2022, 11:44 am
Please watch the following video to understand your students better

I know it’s long but super important if you care
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Post Mon, Jan 03 2022, 11:47 am
I'm a teacher.
FAT CITY is teaching 101. I watched it when I was getting my degree.
That being said, to be honest, I haven't watched it in the last 12 years.
So, thank you for the chizuk!
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Post Mon, Jan 03 2022, 11:53 am
Not just FAT City, but also “When the Chips are Down”, also by Rick La Voie. Old, but still so on target.
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Post Mon, Jan 03 2022, 12:18 pm
Yes this is great! As well as Rick Lavoie's other video When the Chips Are Down. Both classic teacher training videos Smile
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Post Mon, Jan 03 2022, 12:42 pm
Yes to both! So insightful. There are a lot of trends and understandings that have evolved over the decades but these are timeless.
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