Do most kids go on airplanes and vacations
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Have your 14 year olds been on airplane?
Yes- many times! you are negligent  
 13%  [ 17 ]
A few times - but you should really get out more  
 17%  [ 22 ]
Yes- once - for special event. You do you  
 34%  [ 44 ]
Never- you're doing enough!  
 34%  [ 44 ]
Total Votes : 127



Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 8:54 am
Yes many times but you do you! Not all kids who go on airplanes go for the purpose of vacation you know. Some, like mine, have grandparents and other family overseas so travel is a necessity.
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 9:51 am
I live in a simple area of lkwd and no one flys anywhere. Many kids in BF and seriously the kids aren’t flying anymore.
(I have kids in orchos Chaim and tby and my kids have never been on a plane. They never told me about pressure. Sometimes I think it’s more neighborhood then school)
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 9:59 am
I'm married 20 years and I can think of 2 times we took our kids on vacation in all that time. The vacation entailed driving a couple hours away, finding a good deal on a hotel (preferably with a pool and go swimming when nobody else is in the pool) and stay just a couple days. We then did day trips in the area. Our last one was 3 years ago and we did one night 2 days. My kids still talk about it.
I may do something again this year. I think with covid and all it will do my kids good to get away.

Only my oldest 3 have been on planes. 2 went to visit family for a summer and needed to fly to get there. And one went to a siyum shas of a family member and again needed to fly to get there.
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 10:03 am
I’m sure I’ll get tomatoes thrown at me Smile
I feel that a lot - yes not everyone, of people do go away midwinter. Lakewood, Brooklyn, five towns…
It sounds like your children would very much like a trip. I personally would try to plan one (not necessarily under pressure for this midwinter)
Sometimes when I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone and did something special for my children there is a unbelievable excitement and appreciation in the house. The kids know it’s not easy - but the keep thanking us and they have wonderful memories that they hold on to. We make books when we come back, develop all the pictures…
Now tickets are expensive to Florida - I know someone that didn’t care about her destination - she put in Travelocity anyplace, found $60 round trip to Atlanta. Did the children’s museum, zoo…
Just another way to view this.
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 12:20 pm
Do YOU ever go away on a plane? Are your kids seeing you going? I know its your money and all that. But you cant excpect them to understand that!
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 12:55 pm
Travel vacations are not an inalienable right. You're not obligated to do anything you can't afford. My kids flew from an early age only because my inlaws lived a 4 hour plane trip away. For many years, "family vacation" meant 5 days to a week at Grandma and Grandpa's house. If my inlaws had lived near us, "family vacation" would have meant staycation, taking mass transit to museums, parks and other local attractions. There's nothing wrong with that.

Children need to learn that just because "everyone else" does or has certain things doesn't mean they need to or should. The earlier they learn and accept this, the happier and more responsible they will be as adults.
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 1:07 pm
I voted yes many times but in no way do I think you are negligent!! Negligence would be not feeding your kids, or taking them to doctor appointments etc! Local getaways are perfectly acceptable too!!
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 1:30 pm
I did not vote. I also live in lkwd and my kids have been on planes twice to Orlando for pesach but we never go away for midwinter. No it’s not everyone. You do what works for you, you’re kids are not entitled to over the top mid winter vacations. Not even worth spending the money to go during mid winter vacay, it’s completely overrun by all accounts. The sooner your kids learn not to compare themselves to others around them, the happier they’ll be.
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 9:26 pm
Our answer would be "many times" however for sure it's far from negligent if that's not one's answer!
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Post Sat, Jan 08 2022, 2:51 pm
chanar wrote:
I voted yes many times but in no way do I think you are negligent!! Negligence would be not feeding your kids, or taking them to doctor appointments etc! Local getaways are perfectly acceptable too!!


OP, this is what's called a First World Problem.

It’s almost 2020, and 2 million Americans still don’t have running water, according to new report

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Post Wed, Jan 12 2022, 6:30 am
Chiming in late over here.....
My kids fly a lot. One goes to yeshiva out of town, plus we have grandparents in different states that we visit. One of my kids has been going to visit his grandparents by himself at least once a year since he was 9 (he is 14 now) . I have never taken my kids on a "vacation" that involves flying--- that's always driving. Anytime we've flown, it's to visit grandparents or for yeshiva.

So the other day, that particular kid was saying "I can't believe I've never been on a long haul flight!" I was like, "umm, are you kidding me? Do you not understand that flying ANYWHERE is an extra?".... So, no matter what, they will often find something to complain about!

That being said, if your kids really want to experience a plane ride, that doesn't mean they are "entitled" or anything. It's an experience that they'd like to try out. I've never been to Niagara Falls, but I am always saying how I'd love to go.... Nothing wrong with that!

Is it possible is it possible to help facilitate that? Can they use their own money to help.pay for a day trip? get cheap tickets on Frontier from Trenton or Spirit from Atlantic City and let them experience it. And maybe once they have waited in line at the airport, waited in line again for boarding, stuff themselves into seats with no leg room, have their ears pop upon landing, and they have to wear a mask the whole time --- that will very likely make them lose interest in the whole endeavor! 😄😄😄

Btw, if your kids are still pester you about flying, Google "fight breaks out at detroit airport" from Fox News in Detroit. Let them see who.is traveling these days.....
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