2 easy foods for airline theme

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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 3:52 am
Any ideas?
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 4:18 am
Little bags of peanuts?
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 4:35 am
Chicken wings? Anything individually wrapped in cellophane.
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 4:49 am
You can make a normal MM, place it on a plastic tray, wrap it with tons of plastic wrap, and place a kashrut sticker on it.
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 6:46 am
Do you want it to mimic airline meals?

I always seem to get:

Chummus and stale pitta, plus chicken and rice dish.

Or bread roll, margerine, fruit cocktail, gefilta fish(!!) plus chicken and rice dish. And some inedible cream dessert.

I have also gotten deli sandwiches which would actually be a great mm option. Deli sandwiches, salad, drink, cut up fruit.

You could do any food, but its how you package it.
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 6:52 am
You can do snack time on board. A small drink and snack with a napkin and cup.
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 8:38 am
Little pretzel bags and can of soda. That's what they serve on Southwest flights
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 9:13 am
Homemade muffin in plastic wrap, fruit cup, granola bar in paper box with plastic cutlery ofc and a very thin napkin
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Post Wed, Jan 05 2022, 9:45 am
Muffin and bag of nuts
Or bag of pretzels and small orange juice
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