DH doesn't think I should get tested if I have symptoms
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Post Sun, Jan 09 2022, 6:02 am
Just take a home tesf
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Post Sun, Jan 09 2022, 6:03 am
amother [ Wandflower ] wrote:
I’m just curious did you stay home for ten days? Yes I stay home when I’m
Sick but I wouldn’t stay home for ten days usually. Also do you not feel
That your husband and kids can make others sick if one family member has corona?

Happens to be at this point I agree with you and wouldn’t run to test. But a year to year and half ago I for sure tested

Why ten days? Why not five days?

Anyway, as a general rule I think it's best to stay home while sick plus an additional day after symptoms resolve. In general, I'm very careful when it comes to exposing others to germs. As an example, I don't send my kids to school sick jacked up on Tylenol or whatever. When you're sick, you stay home.

Anyway, yeah, I think that in the beginning of covid, pre-vaccine, people were extremely cautious about spreading covid, and people tested so they knew to quarantine themselves and potentially exposed family members, to protect others.

Nowadays, there's a vaccine available to anyone who wants it, and I think that changes the whole situation.

It's not like I thought I had covid and chose not to get tested davka to fool the system. I have no reason to believe that I did, or did not, have covid. Same goes for my husband and kids. Could I have tested any time a child showed viral symptoms, any time I had a cough? Technically. But why? When you're sick, you stay home.

On the other hand, if you'd like Tamiflu, or Ivermectin, or monoclonal antibodies, then it is worth getting tested.
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Post Sun, Jan 09 2022, 6:29 am
The only time we ever tested was when I was 100% sure we had Covid. It was over yom tov and we had lots of activities planned. We were exposed and all showing textbook case symptoms. We got rapids and PCRs to confirm what I knew and stayed home.

It turned out that getting tested was the smartest thing I could have done because it saved my kids from multiple quarantines throughout the next few months. Every time their school wanted to send them home I was able to just present their positive test and they let them stay in school.

I suspected this would happen which was why I insisted we get tested. Being able to keep my kids in school is the only reason I would ever test.
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