Getting Nachas from our children or not
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Post Tue, Jan 11 2022, 8:01 pm
To me Nachas is

Good Middos - people who are considerate of others, do chessed

Responsible - can hold down a job, manage a home, do child care.

Parent's Chinuch job is to prepare child for the real world: Marriage, work, parenting.
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Post Wed, Jan 12 2022, 3:26 am
It is interesting to me. So are you saying that looking for nachas is a bit like looking for a reward for parenting. If that is the case, I am not looking for a reward for parenting, I am very grateful that Hashem has given me the privilege of having children. I always have much sadness for couples who are not blessed with children.
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Post Wed, Jan 12 2022, 4:59 am
I Daven that my children should give nachas to HaShem. And that I should have nachas because they have given Him nachas. I am not sure though if this is a "kosher" prayer.
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Post Wed, Jan 12 2022, 6:31 am
our children are not here for our edification. we are servants of Hash-m and He wants us to bring neshamos into the world and do our best to be mechanech them in the right derech while refining our own character through this process. if things turn out well its a gift and should be viewed as such.
He made food that tastes good so we will want to eat, but thats not why we eat. Ultimately we eat to have energy to serve Him. and so on in all areas of life. This is the ultimate level. But the danger in doing things 'for the nachas' (being simplistic here)- what if things don't turn out well for us? So we give up? Some kids don't give 'nachas'...
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