Last minute guests for shabbos - please help me plan

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Post Wed, Jan 12 2022, 8:18 pm
A close family friend that was supposed to go away and their plans changed asked to come to us instead.
I’m willing and ready to buy things to make my prep easier, so any suggestions where to start?
I usually make all food from scratch but no time to cook fancy or extra for guests
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Post Wed, Jan 12 2022, 8:24 pm
Huh it's only Wednesday
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Post Wed, Jan 12 2022, 8:39 pm
When I have guests, I start cooking Wednesday. For me, this would be a last minute guest.
Maybe make a menu and only choose easier/quicker recipes. Also, try adding potatoes to your meat or chicken so they cook in the same pan and can be served separately if you want. That's one easy side dish done. Good luck!
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Post Wed, Jan 12 2022, 9:27 pm
Easy stuff- rice or quinoa, roast vegetables, baked chicken and meat. No three-step recipes.
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Post Wed, Jan 12 2022, 9:53 pm
Last minute for me is Friday morning lol
Buy dips, serve Challah. Buy extra veggies for more salads. And make one portion more of whatever you're making...
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Post Wed, Jan 12 2022, 10:02 pm
I also do my shopping early Wednesday morning so I like to know by Tuesday who is coming. I am not a perfectionist at all. I just do not have household help so I can't depend on anyone to help with the cooking/baking/cleaning. Big chicken soup/lots of challah. store bought dips. Nice big vegie salad/coleslaw. baked chicken/rice/1 side of baked vegies. nice big cholent/potato kugel. vegies. fruits and nuts for Tu B'shvat. Nice baked goods. You are all set!
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Post Wed, Jan 12 2022, 11:33 pm
Precut vegetables (baby carrots etc) to make your soup and side dishes easier

Cut up fruit and bakery stuff for dessert

Store bought challah, kugel, and Shalosh seudos stuff (like macaroni salad)

Mini round potatoes so you don’t have to cut up big potatoes (or even sliced potatoes that come in a can)

Frozen veggie bags to make roasted vegetables from
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Post Thu, Jan 13 2022, 2:59 am
Let’s break it down. I find that helpful when this happens to me.

Grape juice or wine - buy

Challah - buy (plus rolls for shalosh seudos)

Dips - buy (challah & dips a good meal stretcher when guests attend)

Fish - one step recipe only (pour sauce and bake, or boil bought gefilte in pot etc)

Veg for salad or coleslaw, made after candle lighting. Buy dressing and croutons

Buy tabouli mix if you eat this for shabbos.takes 30 seconds to make.

Soup - make or leave out (yes! I do this often! How much food do we need!!) buy croutons.

Chicken - one step recipe: spice and bake, or sauce and bake. No shnitzel or grilling or frying.

Veg side - either make enough salad from fish course to keep on table or bake a bag of frozen veg (toss with a splash of oil and salt and paper and bake.) string beans, bodek prechecked broccoli or cauliflower etc

Kugel - either buy, skip, or bake potatoes or yams with the chicken (you can serve separately). Small red or fingerling potatoes cost more but will look and taste gorgeous prepared this way!

Dessert - buy cake or candy + popcorn, or ice cream or fruit etc. or make a super smile one bowl no mixer cake, buy ice cream, and serve a scoop with slice of cake. Drizzled with bought chocolate syrup

Make tea sense and fill urn

Shabbos day:

Buy liver
Buy pickles
Boil eggs (make egg salad or eat whole)
Buy deli if you’re being fancy

Make cholent. You can add eggs, bought kishka, jachnun, checked and washed mushrooms, whole potatoes, and/or sliced onions in a mesh bag to cholent then serve each “add in” in separate bowl so it’s a whole meal.

Dessert and shabbos party as above.

Shalosh seudos is leftover fish, dips, and salad, rolls, and an avocado.

Don’t forget soda or flavored seltzers if you like those.

And pretty plastic plates, bowls, cutlery, hard plastic cups! And plastic tablecloths! Easiest shortcut :-)

Hatzlocha and enjoy your company!!
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Post Thu, Jan 13 2022, 3:12 am
Roast potatoes

Package frozen veg, seasoned. I like sugar snap peas.

Chicken with a bought sauce

But dips and challas

Gefilta fish or salmon, easy and quick.

Chicken soup or any soup that you have. Make kneidlach to spruce it up lol.

For shabbos day, buy liver and an egg dip.

Chuck cholent ingredients in a slow cooker..

Buy dessert
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Post Thu, Jan 13 2022, 6:55 am
If this makes you feel better, I found out yesterday I’m hosting 23 guys for Friday night meal.
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Post Thu, Jan 13 2022, 9:24 am
amother [ Bluebonnet ] wrote:
If this makes you feel better, I found out yesterday I’m hosting 23 guys for Friday night meal.

Wow!! Hatzlacha to you!!!
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