Working in a not organized Dr office... help!!!

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Post Fri, Jan 14 2022, 2:09 am
Ok where to begin, I took the job since was originally hired to do something else. That didn't work since 1 day in the machine needed broke. Instead of quiting and saying that's it, I stayed, I was given tasks that I had to learn on my own and still everything on my own that shouldn't be my responsibility
I've now been here for almost a year and half
I know probably the best for me to move on and find new job but I've been looking and having a hard time finding something that works for me
The travel is about an hour each way, and the hours aren't even long. I spend more time traveling then the job itself
I dont get paid much no benefits. No Time off, if they close and I don't work I dont get paid
I guess this is just my feeling written put since getting frustrated
Yesterday for some reason I was given the responsibility to fill out important paperwork for a patient that I never did, when I asked for someone to look it over they kind of said it's fine and was done, now I feel bad why didn't I push for others to check it over, this patient needs these forms for help and I hope I didn't ruin her chances
I try so hard that before I leave I do what need to and to try to keep work at work and not think about it at home since if I did I think and now would have anxiety(which is happening now, I am anxious I did wrong things and feel bad. It's not ood for my health. I am pregnant and recently had miscarriage so nervous all the anxiety and nerves will lead to problems...)
Slowly thr dr keeps adding more for me to do and cetain things I just don't feel comfortable doing but it's not an option to say I can't do this since everything in the office gets passed from one person to the next
I can have 3 people on hold but the other secretary will be doing a patients 1 thing and unless I say something she will not take the phone
Maybe it's personality that if I see 3 lines and I don't have one I'll see who to help but it's not with that with all in office it's not clear cut who does what or what is procedures for things
I am sure I have more to say but not sure even what would hear from everyone but I am not sure how to continue like this ,
I wish way to make clear responsibility and procedures but I know I can't change this office so I just keep continuing on with how it is...
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Post Fri, Jan 14 2022, 2:19 am
That sounds so difficult. It must be so frustrating that your job and the work there is impinging on you so negatively.
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Post Fri, Jan 14 2022, 2:26 am
Ask for a raise. If you're staying until you find something better, at least they should compensate you for being such an asset to the office.
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