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Post Sun, Jan 16 2022, 10:40 pm
Hi all, going to preface this by saying I am not looking for sleep training advice. Thanks in advance! Read on for what I would love help with.

My 10 month old has always been a pretty good sleeper, wakes up to eat still twice a night but she's not the greatest eater during the day so I'm just happy she's getting in her calories - she's growing nicely and this schedule doesn't bother me. However recently she was sick, nothing major just a cold that lingered for almost 2 weeks, and since then her sleep has been off the charts terrible. Waking up at least once per hour, screaming inconsolably, wants to eat and will eat huge amounts (7 oz in one go an hour after bedtime when she had a decent supper and a 4oz bottle before bed), but often refuses the bottle too. She's teething now so we give her Motrin every night at least half an hour before she goes to bed, but she still needs to be rocked to sleep and usually needs music/singing too, often every single time she wakes up multiple times a night (as I said at least every hour!). So I am obviously going out of my mind and yes she's not the only one in the family to take care of!!

Points that may be relevant:
- she was on medicine for pretty bad reflux up until about 2 months ago when a specialist we saw recommended gradually getting her off it, which we did with generally good results (this was a gi not an ent so it's technically possible there's still something there but she doesn't spit up anymore, she used to like crazy)
- she's teething, but as I said she's on Motrin every night and seems fine during the day
- she is prone to ear infections, we've had her checked several times recently and the doctor said she has fluid in her ears but no infection. We're trying the garlic drops as the doctor had no other advice besides keeping her upright; we sometimes let her sleep in the stroller for this reason but it doesn't seem to help much
- she's learning to crawl which I know can disrupt sleep, but it seems weird that it would be this much
- naps are a bit hit or miss, they're often still fine but also often we have to rock her and do the same as by the night
- she used to be the kind of baby that you put her down in the crib with a pacifier and she was good to go, so something seems to be bothering her

Any ideas what could be up, and what I can do about it?? As I said I'm not looking for sleep training advice, rather ideas for what's bothering my baby and making her wake up so frequently. Thank you!!
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Post Sun, Jan 16 2022, 10:52 pm
Forgot to add that she has also been constipated recently, very much so last week but over Shabbos I added a lot more fruit to her diet and it seems to be resolved. So not sure if that could be contributing.
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Post Mon, Jan 17 2022, 10:18 am
I wish I can tell you; I have an 8 month old with same problem. I’m following for some advice . All I can say is fluid can cause them pain if leading to ear infections , that’s how I know when my kids have ear infections they cry at night when laying down
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Post Mon, Jan 17 2022, 10:20 am
I would revisit the reflux
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Post Mon, Jan 17 2022, 11:30 am
It sounds like there's something bothering her and she can't get comfortable enough for a deep sleep. I would have her ears checked again.
If it's reflux that's bothering her, she should sleep better in a more inclined position.
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Post Mon, Jan 17 2022, 11:34 am
Don’t throw me off the bus but has she gotten any vaccines recently? My kids who are not vaccinated sleep much better at night (and during the day for nap time). Just something to consider…

And sending hugs cuz I wish I had advice! It can be so hard.
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Post Mon, Jan 17 2022, 11:40 am
ugghhh that is so annoying! and hard!

could it be that she got used to rocking and all that extra stuff and now wants it always?
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Post Mon, Jan 17 2022, 12:33 pm
Sounds like the 8 month sleep regression which can occur between 7-10 months. Caused by increased mobility, separation anxiety, teething, and overtiredness from beginning to skip a nap. Basically, it’s developmentally pretty normal. Wait it out.
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Post Tue, Jan 18 2022, 5:23 pm
Thank you all for the responses and the hugs! Ironically enough, last night she slept better than she has in weeks - just woke up to eat 3 times, which is pretty typical for her! But she's napped horribly today so I'm still looking for answers.

I will definitely re-explore the reflux, just dreading the whole rigmarole of trying medicine/getting a referral to and then an appointment with an ent, etc! Anyone have natural recommendations for reflux to try in the meantime?

And the fluid could be it but she's had fluid for months now and we had her ears checked less than 2 weeks ago and it still wasn't an ear infection so I wonder...

Re vaccines, that would make sense but no we actually skipped the 9 month ones because she was sick so nothing since 6 months...

@Roots, it's possible but still seems to be something causing the disruption that then needs the rocking to help fall back asleep, as soon as I take care of that I think it will be pretty simple to get her used to falling asleep more independently.

And I just don't feel that the regression explains this exactly. Seems like something more going on. But certainly possible!
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