Daughter has to buy friend new camera?
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Post Tue, Jan 18 2022, 11:30 am
My husban knocked over my sons friend expensive electric scooter and broke it, while he came in to our house for literally 1 sec. He left it in our driveway right in back of my husband's parked car and he didn't notice it coming out. Theur Rav said we didn't need to pay. Which is scary to think if c"v it was a child or toddler in back there. As a mother I warn my kids not to share their expensive gadgets with friends. Kids loose things and break things all the time. I think, if anything she should pay half. Both kids have to learn a lesson here. Your daughter to make sure her friends know that she gave it back. Whatever it may be, eye to eye contact, and thanks. Imagine its your daughter pile of notes that she needs for a midterm and it ends in the garbage, because someone placed it down and it got knocked over. Kids should be careful with other people property. As far as her friends she should have been there making sure she gets it back. Or not given it out. Teach the kids,even teens that certain sharing is not a chesed. I don't care how responsible your daughter always is bit her friend should have not let the camera out of her sight. Over a table so it can't drop.
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Post Tue, Jan 18 2022, 11:44 am
amother [ Lily ] wrote:
No, I don't think she has to pay. She was not a paid shomer.

That is not the Halacha. If someone is a Shomer Chinam they are still responsible.

I think the question here is if she was a Shomer. Just picking up someone's object and setting it back down doesn't make someone a Shomer. However if there was some sort of assumption that she would be watching it, then she could be responsible.
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