Should children be told their grades?

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Post Mon, Jan 24 2022, 3:20 pm
Does it do any good for elementary school children to get grades? I think younger students should just get feedback about what they got right and what they need to work on, without a letter or number attached.
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Post Mon, Jan 24 2022, 3:22 pm
Over here, there are no grades till 3rd grade... in some countries there are no grades in elementary. It has advantages and drawbacks.

Drawbacks: shock when grading suddenly starts and counts
more difficult for student to situatd themselves
some students are stimulated by grades and competition
more work for teachers to write extensive reports

Forces teachers to be more accurate and nuanced in their assessment (I hope)
Don't put students in boxes
less competition, less discouragement for students who have a hard time
more room for individual strengths and weaknesses
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