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Post Wed, Jan 26 2022, 6:56 pm
Has anyone done it? It would be a career changer For me. My current career is in healthcare, but I would need to repeat all my pre-recs , so it would take a long time. I’m already spread thin with work and kids and life. I wouldn’t work ofc while in school. It’s really a dream. Has anyone done anything like that?
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Post Wed, Jan 26 2022, 7:13 pm
It’s doable but you need a good support system. I’m in PA school, I’m married almost two years and had a baby in school. It was definitely hard, but I’d you’re committed, you can do it.
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Post Wed, Jan 26 2022, 7:26 pm
My background: I went to PA school and got married in the beginning of the clinical year.

In regards to didactic year:
Personally, I think it largely depends how studious you are and how smart/memory is whether you can balance the didactic year and managing a household and a family. I know I wouldn't have been able to since I'm not brilliant and needed time to learn and absorb the information. Remember its jam packed info.

In regards to clinical year:
You would have to get lucky to have all your rotations work out with your family and personal life. It was difficult for me since I was adjusting to being newly married but I got so to say lucky that almost all my rotations with night shifts occurred prior to marriage. In my school, some students also had 24 hour shifts. The school work is definitely lighter but you have to deal with the demands and hours of rotations and not are all so forgiving.

These are just things to keep in mind. Have people done it, I'm sure. You definitely need a very good support system of family and friends to help chip in. Cleaning help will also help. I do also think it also depends how old your kids are. If your kids are older and don't depend on you as much, then it can be easier vs having to deal with a baby or toddlers.

Sorry if it sounds like a ramble.
Overall though, most schools are average 28 months. If you feel like you can balance it all for approximately 2 years and in the long run have a successful and enjoyable career, it might be worthwhile for you. Just definitely warn your husband of what it's like lol.

ETA: Maybe speak to someone who went to the schools you may be interested in to get an idea of what it entails. I did prior to applying to PA school ad it gave me a better idea of what to expect. But you can start even earlier...
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