Best Early Intervention agency in Boro Park?
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Post Sun, Apr 24 2022, 3:55 pm
I have experience with Yeled as a parent as well as a therapist ( I’m a special instructor for past 9 years)
I couldn’t be happier on both ends. There definitely is a shortage of EI therapists lately , parents are waiting for months and months. Yeled seems to have the most therapists I think. (Other agencies are reaching out to me all the time to take cases)
Based on your description of your baby he/she will most probably will be able to receive OT or PT and possibly special instruction based on the fact that he’s a preemie.
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Post Sun, Apr 24 2022, 4:58 pm
amother [ Impatiens ] wrote:
If a child has certain specific needs that requires a more specialized therapist or if an agency can't fill the mandate for some reason, you can always use a therapist from a different agency, even while under cm of the original agency. Im not sure exactly how that works, but they can guide you through it if it's needed. For example, a special needs baby I know has PT, speech, SI and feeding therapy through sbs, but the mother heard of a really good OT that was willing to take on the case, but she only works for Yeled. The case is still by sbs, but she has that one therapist working for a different agency. Her case manager and everything else is still a step by step. If you need PT, I know that Yeled was having a bit of a PT shortage this year. They had some, but not enough of the good ones.

Correct- we were with challenge and had therapists that were davka with SBS.
Usually they start the babies off with PT- but that doesn’t mean the baby wouldn’t be approved for OT right away as well.
No good recommendation in BP for PT, though there is a Mohammad that is supposed to be phenomenal.
I could though highly recommend Doreen- a wonderful OT (though she treated my child years ago and I have no idea if she’s still around).

In other words it’s more about the SC than the agency as a whole and the mom as an advocate/researcher herself sometimes more than anything 😉
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Post Sun, Apr 24 2022, 5:08 pm
It took us months to get a feeding therapist in boro park and about 2 1/2 years to get a semi decent PT (our 3rd one. First was very rough with my child, second one was downright nasty to me and the 3rd one finally clicked somewhat with my kid but we were basically her cancellation or early morning/late late afternoon session).

Anyway, we couldn’t let my baby go so long without normal therapy so started off and then later on supplemented with therapy at Rusk outpatient center. They have wonderful hospital based therapists.
Just throwing it out there in case you have a long process too and feel like you need to get started somewhere in the interim. (The EI approval process can also take about 2 months, though in our case if went pretty fast with the NICU already having referred us at discharge and starting the process right away).
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