I’m crying from distress, a place that no one should be..

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Post Mon, May 02 2022, 12:54 pm

How’s your day going?

Busy with life? Kids? Work? Regular worries and concerns?

Our day doesn’t end. We have no day, and no night. No light at the end of a dark, endless tunnel.

Our Meir suffers so much! He’s so young, so tiny, and he has such a frightening, rare heart disease that’s threatening to steal his life. The physical pain he endures is worse than most adults could ever bear…

We’ve reached the point of physical, emotional and financial collapse. We can’t afford to continue the expensive treatment that he needs, and we can’t afford even the basics to keep our family afloat.

We’re begging you! Please help us so before we utterly lose hope. Before we lose Meir. Help us afford the expensive food that he needs to survive. Help us repay the mountain of debts we’ve accumulated due to Meir’s illness. Help us bring happiness into the lives of our older children who’ve all but forgotten our once-happy, carefree home.

Surely in merit of your generosity, Hashem will repay you with joy, health and peace of mind!

Please click here to help Meir’s family

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