Getaway idea this weekend

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Post Sun, May 08 2022, 7:16 am
Planning on going away this weekend with hub.
We’re looking into Turks and Caicos but weather doesn’t look promising
So now need new idea.
Would leave Thursday am (possibly wed night) and come back Sunday night (possibly Monday am)
Any suggestions?!
I would love to see nature, he would like to just chill, relax beach- take our boat./.
And don’t wanna waste lot of time flying since going away so short
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Post Sun, May 08 2022, 8:20 am
If you're looking to go toward the Caribbean, look into Cancun, Puerto Rico, or USVI. If you want someplace closer, Charleston SC could be a good option. I also wouldn't give up on T&C based on the current forecast. Many times tropical rains last all of 5 or 10 minutes, and that's if they even come at all.
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Post Sun, May 08 2022, 9:19 am
Why not just Florida. Keep it Simple with tried and true
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