Is it normal for baby to spit up solids?

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Post Sun, May 08 2022, 11:37 am
He's six months and only just started giving him literally a taste a few days ago - he didn't ingest more than max 2 tsps today and it all came back out ten minutes later. Is this normal?

In general, he can spit up a lot after nursing as well (sometimes can be a big puddle on the floor.) I didn't do anything about it because he was gaining well and was always happy regardless of his spitting up.

But, now I'm wondering whether this is all indicative of a bigger issue, or if it is normal.

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Post Sun, May 08 2022, 11:44 am
Yes. If a baby is still spitting up then the solid food can come with it, that's fine.
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Post Sun, May 08 2022, 12:25 pm
In fact, my pediatrician actually recommended to start solids earlier rather than later in the hopes that it would help settle the spit up problem. Not only did it not help, it just made the spit up more disgusting.
My babies spit up until they were about a year old. They did not have reflux. They were happy and content babies. But they would spit up solids, even pieces of food, and it was considered medically fine.
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Post Sun, May 08 2022, 12:48 pm
My “babies” spit it up solids even after they’re one…
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