Why isn't buying life insurance a value in frum society?
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Post Wed, May 11 2022, 8:55 pm
This thread is very sad.

My former coworker was a young mother of three kids, the youngest a few months old. They were in their young 20s when the husband started to get bad headaches and a few months later died of brain cancer. She had a 1,000,000 policy. However, she is unable to work full time due to being the sole person caring for multiple young children. She lives on a single income of maybe 40k with four children and will have to make all those simchas by herself. She lives in a basement apartment last I heard. If her husband had made only 50,000 a year and worked ages 25-65, that would’ve been $2,000,000. Plus he would obviously have done some childcare. The $1,000,000 helped but it’s not enough to last her through the rest of her life.

And last I heard the shidduch prospects are very slim.
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Post Wed, May 11 2022, 9:34 pm
amother [ Acacia ] wrote:
I have life insurance, DH does not. He has a disease which no one will cover, and he doesn't have much longer to live, al pi teva. So when he dies and leaves a widow and young kids with nothing we will look irresponsible. If I die, my family will get enough of a payout to be ok. So are we responsible or irresponsible?

Careful how you judge. Most situations have more behind the scenes than you know.

Couldn’t pass without commenting- hashem should give you strength and Iyh a complete refua for your husband.

This thread is like the “why is it hard for husbands to have babies every year thread”, someone with a limited view on things.

Sorry, op, but Almanos and yesomim are the most vulnerable population, I can’t believe this conversation.

I was recently involved in the finances of a very public death (they did not fundraise since his brothers are comfortable and balabatish and we’re embarrassed). When the conversation of how much it would cost to help them maintain their lifestyle (they are simple people but we’re comfortable) are astronomical. We all see how much it costs to live…

A mother of many kids, pregnant, who lost her husband in a horrible way went from being a well taken care of giver, to a taker overnight.

Not stepping up in any way we can for peoples who’s family can’t, would be awful.
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