Im really asking seriously...
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Post Wed, May 11 2022, 1:39 pm
It's in my pantry near the rest of my food.
My kids know they can't take nosh without permission.
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Post Wed, May 11 2022, 1:56 pm
Maybe give kids all their school snacks in the beginning of the week.

If they eat it up in one day, they will have to wait till next week for more.

Teaches them budgeting.
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Post Wed, May 11 2022, 1:59 pm
#BestBubby wrote:
Maybe give kids all their school snacks in the beginning of the week.

If they eat it up in one day, they will have to wait till next week for more.

Teaches them budgeting.

Then I get emails from the school saying I notice your kids did not have snack for the past 3 days is everything okay. No thanks.
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Post Wed, May 11 2022, 2:05 pm
Older member here. My school never had snack time, though we also got out earlier. Snacks at home was homemade cookies or cake and ice cream for Shabbos, and fruit and melons. Kids nowadays are spoiled.
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Post Wed, May 11 2022, 2:08 pm
s1 wrote:
I know someone who hid cookies in the freezer in a foil pan labelled “meatballs”

My kids know not to take any "special" nosh without checking first (the school and after-school snacks are kept in a cabinet and they can help themselves), but I do sometimes make special desserts, like for birthdays, that I don't want them to see or touch. They are kept in the freezer and labeled tri-color gefilte fish! I am waiting for the day when they realize I never actually serve any tri-color gefilte fish. Smile
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Post Wed, May 11 2022, 2:43 pm
Sorry I do not think this is selfish at all.
A mother is allowed to treat herself, sometimes its my time to enjoy myself and enjoy my food, and I am happy to treat myself.
I dont like the kids to see because they are too young to understand this concept, if they do see I prefer to say its not for now, or no we canr have, rather thsn its only for mommy.
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Post Wed, May 11 2022, 4:54 pm
Hashem_Yaazor wrote:
In a bag that says spinach in the freezer.

JK 🤪

My mother used to do this.

I became pretty creative hiding my nosh from my kids. Rolled up in my yoga mat, in my winter boots (wrapped in plastic obviously), inside the decorative pillows on my bed, in the laundry room in an old plastic Oxy container.
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Post Mon, May 23 2022, 10:46 am
Lovable wrote:
Am I the only one cringing as I read this thread
So selfish
I dont care if you give your kids treats too, but hiding for yourself is selfish

Why is everyone assuming the mothers are hiding the treats for themselves, when multiple people have stated it's because their children will blow through them?
Growing up, if we knew where something was, we snuck it and ate it. When I was selling chocolate in school, my siblings and I blew through the box on our own. In some houses, nothing is safe, and so the parents need to hide the nosh/treats/candy so it's there for later and the kids don't blow through it all at once. Multiple people have said this, and yet are still being accused of being these evil chocolate hoarding ogres!
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Post Mon, May 23 2022, 11:13 am
Why are these kids so desperate for snacks? Well-fed children will be in the mood for sweets sometimes (just as adults are) but there's something wrong if they are binging. And you only make it worse if they have to hunt for hidden treats.

You can label snacks for shabbos or for someone's birthday party if you need them to be off limits, but as a general rule, you should have enough food in the house so there isn't a constant sense of deprivation. That doesn't mean sending the kids into sugar shock - you can make popcorn as a snack- but generally, when people don't feel limited, they don't panic and overeat.
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Post Mon, May 23 2022, 1:23 pm
Lovable, I disagree completely.
Adults are not obligated to share everything with their kids. What arrant nonsense! Adulthood has its responsibilities and its compensatory privileges, one of which is to avail oneself of treats and not share them with the children. This includes anything from diamond jewelry and furs to premium ice cream and chocolates. IMHO, giving kids premium gelati or chocolate is a waste, as they're just as happy with supermarket brand.

Furthermore, just because I want a treat doesn't mean that my kids must or even should get it as well. We all know full well that kids get gobs of junk food in school and at parties and hardly need any more. An adult is allowed to treat herself and not share even with dh, provided she consumes her treat in isolation, not in front of anyone with whom she's not sharing it.
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