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Post Thu, May 12 2022, 11:02 am
Any interior designers here that can share if interior design is a profitable field?

I'm in a job now that has many benefits and pays well and that's why I'm still here. But I'm practically choking because the actual work I have to do goes against my nature and it's so hard to push myself. I'm a creative artistic type and I work in a mental health type office doing mostly paperwork, and also talking to clients with mental health issues. The reason why I'm staying is because I know my work, so I can get it done fast, and I get paid enough as well as health insurance. Additionally, I get to work from home twice a week.

However, I feel like I'm working solely for the money, and it's so hard to push myself, almost painful.

So I was considering the interior design but was told I'll get paid very little as a beginner designer.

Anyone that's a designer can share info about salary?

Or any ideas about a lucrative job in the creative field?

I was also considering UX writing/design, if any has more info on that, I would appreciate it.

I also consulted a career coach, and he advised me not to do copywriting, since you have to be ambitious to get your clients, and persuasive, both of which traits I don't have. I would work for a company in any artistic job since I'm the entrepreneur type and wouldn't know how to get clients.

Any ideas would be so helpful.
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Post Thu, May 12 2022, 12:02 pm
You may want to look into UX Design. There are courses/bootcamps you can take while you are still working and once you have a portfolio, you can apply for a postion as a UX designer.

For example- https://designlab.com/ux-academy/

Maybe you would be interested in a position with this company that is currently looking for remote employees.


Lastly, you may want to speak with people and even "shadow" them before enrolling in a bootcamp or going for a specific position since you'll want to make sure you enjoy the technicalities and day-to-day tasks of the role.

Hatzlacha! May you find the right job for you where you feel successful and fulfilled!
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Post Thu, May 12 2022, 12:20 pm
Much thanks! I'm just not sure how to find people who are willing to be spoken to, or shadowed around, although that would be so amazing!

Any offers?? SmileSmileSmile
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Post Thu, May 12 2022, 12:28 pm
Maybe become a makeup artist.
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