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Post Sun, May 15 2022, 3:39 am
Can one be an early childhood teacher (ages 4- 2nd grade) in Israel with an American degree (or in NY with an Israeli degree)?
Looking to go into this field, my husband and I just got married and moved to Israel (fluent in both languages), but we don’t know what our plan is long term.
Not sure if I should get an Israeli degree (which will def work for here) or an American online (which will def work for there)…
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Post Sun, May 15 2022, 4:29 am
You don't need a degree to teach that age in israel. You need a teudat horaah which you can often get through the local seminaries in a year at not too high a cost if you have a seminary background.
For an American degree to be valid here, you have to have done 75% of the work in the university issuing the degree (so can't do a massive credit transfer) and then you have to transfer the degree. Depending on the specific degree, you may have to do some supplementary training.

Also, in Israel, gan and school are two very different subjects so you can train to be a ganenet (age 3-6) or a first and second grade teacher but the certification for each is different. I'm not sure that an early childhood degree would get you anywhere. I think you have to train for the specific age.

So maybe your best bet is an American degree with an Israeli teudat horaah?
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