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Post Sun, May 15 2022, 6:53 pm
My stove top gets dirty really fast and my oven needs to be cleaned often too.
I usually use St. Mott’s and I’m really careful to wear gloves and to lock kitchen when I use it for the kids not to C”V get in contact with it. I feel that it is really unhealthy that I’m breathing it in so often. Any ideas of cleansers that aren’t as dangerous that are super effective for cleaning ovens and stovetops?
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Post Sun, May 15 2022, 7:22 pm
Kudos to you for deciding to go for something without harsh chemicals. I know st Moritz is very strong. I have a natural degreaser called nsr degreaser. It really does the job without the fumes and chemicals.
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Post Sun, May 15 2022, 7:50 pm
Vinegar +baking soda
It's fine if you don't believe me that it's effective - try it for yourself Wink
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fatso gal


Post Sun, May 15 2022, 7:56 pm
Powder barkeepers friend.
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Post Sun, May 15 2022, 8:15 pm
The Method Company has a degreaser that is supposed to be very good. You can Google reviews online.
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