Plz help with gift idea for a 22 yr old teacher single girl
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Post Wed, May 18 2022, 12:01 am
Simple1 wrote:
Definitely makes a difference if single or married. My single daughters prefer something they can enjoy personally rather than a kitchen or household item which ends up being a gift to me. They're not interested in saving the items unless it's super special and expensive. Good gifts they got were make up bags, overnight bag, jewelry box, jewelry, books, and gift cards.

I'm married and I definitely prefer personal vs. kitchen/household items as presents.
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Post Wed, May 18 2022, 12:07 am
How about a travelling jewelry box, or a Swarovski pen? Or maybe designer umbrella.
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Post Wed, May 18 2022, 6:12 am
Some things I got that I really enjoyed:
A reusable box with a collection of fancy teas.
A really nice water bottle or travel mug.
Gift cards (coffee if you know what store she likes, target, Amazon)
A nice umbrella
A cute tote bag
If you know her taste, an accessory like a scarf for necklace (with gift receipt)
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Post Sat, May 21 2022, 10:43 pm
Mommy1:) wrote:

adorable notebook on amazon, perfect present for a morah.

Love this one! I paired it with a fancy pen.
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Post Sat, May 21 2022, 11:50 pm
I actually really hated the people that gave different. For example, I got a shalach manos one year with grape juice while the other teachers got a bottle of wine from this parent (multiple kids in different classes). And this parent know I was over 21. It just felt really not nice to me, I also would have loved a bottle of wine.
I was really happy to be given things for my future home like vases and serving trays. Made my life so much easier when I did get engaged and until then I used at my parents.
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