Thinking of going back to school, am I being realistic?

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Post Wed, May 18 2022, 5:30 am
I’m in my mid twenties with 2 little kids and I recently got the idea into my head that I should go back to school for speech therapy. I don’t have any pre requisites for it, I just have a general b.a, so I would be starting from scratch.

Iwas thinking of doing it through T.T.I or Sara Schneirer, and going as fast as possible at the pace that works for me and my family.

What’s driving me is that I would like to have a well paying job that is fulfilling and involves helping people. I especially want to help children.

Is this realistic? If I do well in school, will I most likely be able to get a job fairly easily? (I live in an out of town u.s community)

I am willing to put in tons of time and effort into studying and doing well.

Does anyone have any experience with speech therapy degrees, specifically online, while you have kids? Should I be looking for a non Jewish accredited program and not one of the above mentioned ones?

Any advice or tips would be so appreciated, as right now I’m really starting from scratch.
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Post Wed, May 18 2022, 5:36 am
Do a search on this site about slps and you may change your mind. Many of them claim to be overworked and underpaid.
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Post Wed, May 18 2022, 5:37 am
You have to be ambitious to make it well paying enough. Many agencies don’t pay well, but there are a few that do. Be willing to start lower and then look and switch. Networking is key…
Obviously doing it on your own can be much more-but then there’s the insurance, scheduling etc.
I really enjoy my job as an SLP. I find it really fulfilling to put together the info and really help. It does take work though. Some people don’t like to put in the effort. depending on work environment, it’s generally self driven-meaning you decide how good of a therapist you want to be. I also really enjoy the creativity piece.
There is quite a bit of paperwork, but you develop systems over time.
I also like the flexibility of the schedule.
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Post Wed, May 18 2022, 5:39 am
It sounds like many speech therapists feel burnt out and underpaid… search this site . However if u really like kids and think this may be your calling, go for it!!
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Post Wed, May 18 2022, 6:26 am
I am a nurse practitioner.

I started later than you did (in my mid 30s) and had 6 kids. I also had no degree so I had to start from scratch.

It took me 6 years start to finish with online bachelors-->accelerated nursing--->masters/NP.

Was it hard work? Yes. Doable? Also yes if you pace yourself and have family support.

As far as whether it worked out financially, all I can say is parnassa is in Hashem's hands. You can think that a certain career path will mean earning a certain amount but we really can't control the type of job we get or what we end up earning. If you're passionate about this and feel you can help people then go for it and accept that parnassa is up to Hashem.

I know many people without degrees who are much better off and living more comfortably. I work really, really hard and we barely make ends meet. But like I said, none of this is in our hands. Just know up front that nothing in life is guaranteed.
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