Poll- S/O of all these food delivery threads.
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Have these stories and threads made you:
Up your game for delivering meals-better food, more plentiful, more timely, better delivery service  
 5%  [ 9 ]
Not bothering to sign up anymore. It is expensive, takes up my time, takes me away from my children… and it won’t be good enough anyway so why bother.  
 12%  [ 21 ]
Never made meals for others anyway.  
 22%  [ 38 ]
Other-see below  
 4%  [ 7 ]
Keep doing what I've been doing.  
 56%  [ 96 ]
Total Votes : 171



Post Thu, May 19 2022, 10:23 am
One organization in my community that organizes supper after a woman has a baby has 2 sets of volunteers. One cooks and the other delivers. This way the people who can cook will do what they like best and the women without little kids needing their attention at 4pm can deliver the meals. Everyone is supposed to get their suppers between 4-5:30. They even have a pantry where those who like to cook but can’t afford to buy the food can take from and make for the families that need.
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Post Thu, May 19 2022, 12:16 pm
The poll shows that most people will just continue doing what they did, this goes to show that people's minds don't just get swayed to other side after debating your point
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