Postpartum meal delivery I'll never forget (positive)
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Post Thu, May 19 2022, 3:29 pm
I live in a community with very few people whose houses I would eat in (and no kosher take out or restaurants) so I didn't really get any meals after babies. I am sure people would have sent if they could have, instead they did things like take out my kids, pick them up from school etc. (honestly I would have been happy to hobble down 5 flights of stairs with a baby to pick up food. It was really hard when I was bedbound relying on my husbands interesting cooking styles)

One time I broke my leg shortly before a yom tov. My secular israeli friend came over and made a bunch of food for yom tov for me, while I watched to make sure she didn't mix up my kitchen. It was really nice of her.

Another time, I got covid and so did my husband and he ended up in hospital. A friend sent over supper for me and the kids every single night for about 4 or 5 days.
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Post Thu, May 19 2022, 6:44 pm
The most important thing with a meal train is following instructions and giving good food. For some people that includes soup. I am particular about soups so I always hope I don't get one. People assume nursing moms want soup. And then there is dairy. Whatever I eat goes to my milk and my babies tend to be sensitive to it. So I prefer non dairy. But I am always grateful, no matter what they send. Food is food.
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