Going to Israel with kids
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Post Fri, May 20 2022, 7:55 am
amother [ OP ] wrote:
Just a few reasons:
We have a family member in Israel who needs to find out life changing news and it's time sensitive. It is best if they find out in person from a family member (we don't have other family there) so we were planning being the ones to do it.

My husband is having nisyonos in every area of his life (except marriage BH) and has been feeling dead for the past few years. He is obsessed with Israel and wants to go to get some chizuk and feel alive again, even for a little.

The thing is:
We are struggling financially. A few years ago I put aside some money saying we will use it to go to Israel, but everything got so expensive so it won't cover our whole trip and we might be stuck using some savings or something because we basically live paycheck to paycheck. (I'm in grad school now so I don't work)

Is it possible for you to go right after shevuous and leave the kids behind? For me personally, flying to Israel with babies and toddlers was just not worth it. They don't appreciate it and the flights are rough. If your husband is going through a hard time, he probably needs alone time with you without having the pressure of dealing with babies. It's more difficult over yom tov with all food arrangements.
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Post Fri, May 20 2022, 8:14 am
I find traveling with kids very hard and I don’t deal well with lack of sleep especially when I’m not in my own place, so no it wouldn’t be worth it for me. But we are all different people. I think I would send my husband by himself from a Sunday to Thursday
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Post Fri, May 20 2022, 9:49 am
I would go for 3 days and leave the kids behind with family or friends.
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