Who besides Nadler does replacement windows in Brooklyn?

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Post Sat, May 21 2022, 10:19 pm
I just ordered $7,000 worth of new windows by Nadler located on 18th Ave, who is very experienced, but now that theyre installed, I feel he advised us wrong by

1- replacing a front basement window about 14" H X 60" W, that split in the center and both windows were totally open with a sliding window that barely lets in any air, because 1/2 of each side is covered with the glass of the other side. Now hell do me a favor and take this window out and if he sells it Ill get back the money, if not not, and wants to charge me another $1,000. Its insane.

2- all his windows are vinyl. I hear they dont insulate that well.

I need to do windows and a porch door, on another floor.

Who is good, very experienced, advises well, and reasonable?

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Post Sun, May 22 2022, 1:58 am
Do your research this time. Figure out what you want style and material wise and then buy them. Your issues sound like you didn’t do much research. Be an educated consumer.
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Post Sun, May 22 2022, 5:50 am
I had great experience by greater windows and doors. they are located on 60th and 13. They are known to be very honest. I didnt buy cheap windows. They specialize in Anderson which is what I bought. you get what you pay for. It depends on your buget. but most important I trusted them being very honest. not trying to make a sale
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