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Post Tue, May 24 2022, 2:44 pm
They had a gift box which was opened at the start of the week to find out the theme focus of the week.

I'll give you some ideas,

Create napkin rings, napkin stand holders, salt holders, napkin folding techniques to set shabbos table, vases with flowers, shabbos mommy special wear like kerchiefs aprons, hadlakos haneiros stands/plaques with tefillas, challah baking, challah boards, challah covers, shabbos headbands etc, visiting fish store, bakeries, catching fish from lake for shabbos, making special desserts for shabbos.
Shabbos grocery shopping with scavenger hunt, slides/movies of yosef moker shabbos or performing play of it. Shabbos telephone/light covers. Shoe shines, special hairstyling tutorials for shabbos, jewelery making for shabbos, visiting ice cream stores/factories to buy ice cream for shabbos, jewish childrens museum has exhibit of 6 days of creation, then a shabbos section. Races games to rush in six days of week and stop for shabbos, show &tell about muktah, melachos shabbos, for older kids you can include activities of 39 melachos of shabbos like gardening, building, maybe even include campfire, roasting marshmallows, sewing, needlework, hookrugs, knitting/crocheting, embroidering etc. Maybe make an exhibit with miniatures about melachos shabbos, visit a farm for sheep shearing, wheat grinding etc. Go do some fruit/veg picking.

Benchers/bencher holders
Besamim holders/havdalah candles & holders

Pack for tomche shabbos

Practice for a shabbos choir

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Post Tue, May 24 2022, 3:31 pm
All crafts can be adjusted for simpler for younger kids and more sophisticated for older kids.

Like challah boards with popsticks or on wood or plexiglass.
Napkin rings with pipe cleaners & kiddie beads or fancier beads like pearls/crystals and wire, same with jewelery making, simpler kiddie ones or real fanciers stone, glass beads for real jewelry.
Challah covers with felt sheets or with leather type fabrics or embroidered.
Benchers with paper or with leather covers engraved with designs in leather
Bencher holders with popsticks or something more substantial for real use
Vases-chalk/salt colored sand layers in jars,plastic parfait cups with tissue flowers or foam ball flowers
Or porcelain/pottery with mosaic pieces in clay like pieces of mirrors stones etc with more realistic looking flowers
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Post Tue, May 24 2022, 3:45 pm
For yomim Tovim

Candle making
Wick macking
Decorate donuts
Decorate cookies to create dollar Bill's
One in a million dollar magnets with pic of face
Auction for prizes/rewards with Chanuka gelt
Oil hunt
Capture the flag for war with yevonim
Or color war/field day with two teams, cheers, marches, hats, banners, flags, logos, badges,races etc.
Make chocolate coins
Create wallets/purses/pocket books/wristlet for Chanuka gelt, lacing for younger kids more sophisticated ones for older kids.
Build menorahs with cereal & sticks into wafers or more professional ones
Some popcorn eating games with dreidels or other dreidel fun games
Go hiking and into caves for jews who hid to learn torah
Aleph bais games or create crafts with aleph bais for Torah learning or word games with aleph bais,
Grab bags starting with aleph bais. Show ^ tells starting with different aleph bais.
They were hiding to make brissim maybe make fake vachnacht/bris seuda/parties.
Pacifier clip with beads, pekelech.
For Torah learning teacher/student day to continue Jewish learning. Some kiruv activities. Make a tzedaka campaign for oorah, or other org by making a bake sale, lemonade stand etc.
I am a proud Jew flags, pins, t-shirts, rallies like mi Hashem Elie?
Tshirts can be tie-dyed, air brushed, personalized, iron on appliques or transferred from computer images
Pin the shamas to the menorah

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Post Tue, May 24 2022, 9:28 pm
Twin dress up days
Horseback riding or horsey carousel for mordechai on horse
Beauty contest/talent shows to become the queen
Games like pretty pretty princess for younger
Bake hamantashen/ do hamantashen with fruit leather and diff candy fillings
Face painting
Magic shows/clown shows
DIY magic tricks
Mobiles with music/ dancing
Acheshverosh seuda
Dress up /performances
Create Masks
Create graggers/noise makers
Create a story book like megillah
Funny photo props pics
Pics with stick your face in hole of clown
Guess which person, take a sheet, make holes, the people behind stick their noses thru holes
Mimic games, like imitating stories without words just acting out, next person copies it, need to guess the story.
Laughing therapy
Create Clown hats
Create mm maybe exchange between one another
Natural old fashioned Basket weaving
Play sponge the clowns nose
You can create one by tracing someone's body lying on floor with shelf paper
Play broken telephone with sentences continuing the story for megilla
Or play chatterbox to continue talking a whole long megilla
Or everyone list everyone's maalos and rewrite for every person all their maalos that everyone wrote for them till you have a long megilla
Pin the tail to the horse or mordechai onto the horse, Harman in front

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Post Tue, May 24 2022, 9:32 pm
Ok please share your theme here or privately, I can honestly think of a million ideas but dont want to waste my breath/ thinking power if it's not part of your theme
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Post Tue, May 24 2022, 9:36 pm
I was just thinking for shabbos theme you can do like a baseball game collecting diff items as prep for shabbos at diff bases. Or running to different people to do favors for shabbos & collecting their signatures in a race contest, like shining their shoes, picking flowers and taking to neighbor, calling bubby to say gut shabbos, etc.
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Post Tue, May 24 2022, 9:42 pm
Thank you dankbar so much for your time and efforts!! There is definitely enough ideas here to get me started with my planning. You really don't need to spend more time on my behalf :-)

If I should need more ideas, I will update!

Thank you thank you thank you all!!
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Post Tue, May 24 2022, 9:43 pm
Other daycamp themes I've seen, mitzvah menchies, different workers, doubles/pairs could work well because it's 2022 / taf shin peh "bais", contrasts, shapes, colors, numbers, aleph bais, directions like right-rite aid pharmacy for dr day etc., names of game boards.
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Post Tue, May 24 2022, 9:45 pm
Dankbar you are so talented!
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Post Tue, May 24 2022, 11:21 pm
Make a huge har Sinai's with digging sand

Moonwalk Moshe went up to Heaven to get the torah

Plants/flower centerpieces/sock grass man plant

Har sinai muffins
Flowerpot muffins with marshmallow petal flowers on a stick.

Petal flower foam boards for shavuos milchig kiddush

Bake cheesecake with diff toppings, you can do a cook off competition who can come with best flavor for older, for younger you can blindfold them & they need to guess the flavor

Blintzes from yellow paper ashen at ends, rolled up with cotton balls inside or fruit leather rolled up with cotton candy or marshmallow fluff inside.

Crowns for nasseh vnismah younger
Older royalty, queen of England, do English theme, take a tour on a double bus, do drum bands, marches, scones, tea tasting,
Do mock wedding for royal wedding.
Play london bridge is falling down, with younger kids.
For boys there are lego sets with london bridge, the eye, the palace scene.
For older girls there are paint by number with London scene.
Play chess, stratego, checkers.

Aseres hadibros, kibbyd av veim, make thank you notes for mommy. Lo signoiv, cops & robbers,

Simple Simon follow yatzar tov.

Shoot the yatzar horah, water guns, slime guns.

One acts out a mitzvah and everyone has to guess which mitzvah

Do different mitzvahs like visiting old age home or sending refuah shleimah cards for sick kids.

Play game fruit basket
Create fruit baskets with foam balls & different color sequins with pins stuck in
Create fruit by shaping rice crispies with peanut butter or marshmallow fluff & then wrapping with different color fruit leather, banana shape, grapes, oranges etc.
Fruit picking
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Post Wed, May 25 2022, 12:10 am
Lag baomer

Bow & arrow target games

Obstacle course for hoops we had to jump thru to get to Meron

Sefira counting path with dipped feet in paint or trace feet to get to har sinai. Start can be a matzoh rubbing over lego board. Stick all onto shelf paper roll.

Middos program for sefira

Ahavas chaverim stuff for sefira, races with 2, tie one of each of two peoples hand feet together and try to do some stuff like that, spider web game for achdus, finding each others maalos, combined craft half of ones art & half of others, vahavta lreaechu komoichu, mirror games, act out diff chesed,
Crafts of stuff that are more fun with two like seesaw, ball, straw jumprope.
Play games you need two peopl for, like go-go, bad minton.

Campfire, s'mores


I once did a lag baomer themed carnival

Can stilt race to meron
Extinguish fire with water gun
Sponge upsherin boy on tattys shoulder cuz he's hot at Meron, created with Tracing body on shelf roll.
Try to throw tatty menchie into something for rabbi shimon to hide & learn Torah
Roman tried to kill him, I had a super ball thru a paper towel roll hole to land on his head in a jar
Find the gems ( of torah) in sand or find reb shimon in sand as he is hiding

Rainbow crafts/activities
Science color run experiment
Create rainbows with cut different colors twizzlers, standing upwards & then iron the to fuse together like pearler beads.
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Post Wed, May 25 2022, 12:22 am
Rosh hashana
Candy apple

For shofar-
Sound game can you guess the sound you hear & run to do the right thing

Honeycomb necklaces
14 "carrot" necklaces

Go on a seesaw for weights on a scale.

Mitzvah/aveirah games
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Post Wed, May 25 2022, 12:24 am
I hope these were helpful. I wish you luck. I hope you can implement some of these ideas into your daycamp.
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Post Wed, May 25 2022, 12:45 am
Thank you thank you Dankbar. So many fabulous ideas. Printing them out so I can use them too!
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Post Wed, May 25 2022, 1:14 pm
I googled mommy camp and saw kosher.com has ideas by Sara Goldstein July 15 2019.
Pinterest also has lots of DIY cheap ideas for activities at home/backyard.
Jamie Reimer also has great ideas for young kids
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Post Thu, May 26 2022, 10:33 am
By the way, I'm the one liking all dankbars posts Very Happy
(Saying that because of the other current thread)
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Post Thu, May 26 2022, 10:38 am
Thanks for the validation! Now I can say that I am an official blogger on ideas for mommy camp! Lol!
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Post Thu, May 26 2022, 11:00 am
Maybe you can make camp t-shirts. Buy solid light colored t-shirts and fabric markers and iron on stuff that match with your theme and everyone can make their own t-shirt, which they can then wear on special days, like trip days etc.
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